”Painting is a memorable gift”

Reijo Viljanen, Fine ArtistGalleri Cupido, Sisuradio

Born 1954

Working in Finland, Tampere area, and Sweden, Stockholm area.

Gallery address: Kaskitie 15, 33540 Tampere, Finland


Fine Artist, Oil painter, Reijo Viljanen, has been painting since the end of the 1990s.

”I always chattered that for some day I’ll paint the ocean. It was funny because as a child I wasn’t so artistic nor interested in painting or drawing. Then, I bumped into the works of art of Russian Fine artist called Ivan Aivazovsky, 19th century painter. He tried to copy exactly what he saw as meticulous as possible. Those paintings were usually about ocean and ships. When I had chattered some time, my wife pushed me to join course in oil painting about fifteen years ago. And that’s where my craze for painting started. After that course I have been taught by Russian oil painting teachers from Institute of Art in St. Petersburg: Valera Karavajev and Valter Soinilta.

From the beginning it was clear to me that I paint fotorealism – as strict as possible copying photographs, to the last detail.

For me, painting is a way to settle down on my own, to have that private space for a while. When I get started with some interesting work, I don’t see or hear anything. It is an indescribable feeling, when I get to the point to write my name down to the painting – a painting that I have worked with for weeks and lots of working hours.”

About my style, photorealism in Wikipedia


I would love to hear from you. Questions? Comments? Let me hear what you have to say. Contacts about buying of ordering art works.

Reijo Viljanen

Kaskitie 15, 33540 Tampere, Finland
T: +358 (0) 400  620 640

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